Manassas Journal Messenger | Friends remember woman as wonderful, loving person

Recalling memories of their friend, several women Friday described 23-year-old Kate Spellmeyer as a loving person whose extraordinary wit inspired laughter in those around her.

Spellmeyer worked in the deli of the Natural Marketplace in Warrenton.

Spellmeyer was adept at making people laugh and she loved animals and music, said Kayleigh Frelin, who worked with Spellmeyer every day for the last four months of her life.

“Because I loved her so much I want other people to feel her humanity and how happy she made other people around her,” said Frelin, 25.

Spellmeyer planned on returning to school to earn a degree in psychology, according to Frelin, a Manassas resident.

Frelin’s roommate, Sarah Moffat, 27, called Spellmeyer “wonderful.”

Spellmeyer was trying to stop using drugs at the time of her death, Frelin said.

“It’s hard when you’re turning your life round,” she said.

A friend she worked with at Natural Foods described Spellmeyer as a “very intelligent” woman who spoke Spanish fluently.

Her sense of humor was “way out there, but a lot of fun,” she said. The woman asked not to be identified.

“The thing that has felt uncomfortable to friends was that she had so much going for her,” the friend said. “She was so happy. I just can’t imagine her [overdosing].”

She cited bruises found on Spellmeyer’s body.

Spellmeyer died in a Manassas Park town house on Moseby Drive in September after overdosing on alcohol, methadone, cocaine, and Zoloft, according to police there. Methadone is a prescription drug used to treat narcotics withdrawals; Zoloft is a prescription anti-depressant. She was at a party at the house.

Police have ruled the death an overdose and have closed the case. Prosecutors have decided not to file charges against anyone.

“This question, still to me, doesn’t rest easy,” the friend said.

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