Manassas Journal Messenger | Police examine suspected brothel

Prince William police are investigating a house they believe to be of ill repute at 7921 Centreville Road, according to an affidavit filed Wednesday.

Prince William dispatch sent an officer to investigate a complaint of men drinking at the house near Manassas. Dispatchers also told the officer that the house “may also be involved in prostitution,” Detective John W. Wojcik wrote in an affidavit recently.

The responding officer went to the rear of the house where he found two men making repairs. He then asked for permission to go inside and the men gave it, the affidavit said.

Once inside the house, the officer saw several men and women in the living area, Wojcik wrote.

“They were watching pornography on a television and Officer Bradford observed that the downstairs was divided into small rooms containing mattresses,” Wojcik wrote.

Joe Membreno, a man who lives at the house, told police that one of the women there said that for $30 she would have sex with him for 15 minutes.

Police found video cameras in two of the rooms with mattresses. The video cables from the cameras went to the upstairs portion of the house, according to the affidavit.

Wojcik wrote in the affidavit that he believed there was evidence in the house to support the crimes of prostitution, keeping a bawdy place and pandering.

There have been no arrests so far, and police continue the investigation, said Detective Dennis Mangan, Prince William police spokesman. He could not confirm Officer Bradford’s first name when reached Wednesday.

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