Manassas Journal Messenger | LIFE: INSIDE RALPH’S WORLD

Bye-bye Barney. While kids still love their favorite purple dinosaur, millions have entered a new world of children’s entertainment ? Ralph’s World.

Here parents and kids jam to the critically acclaimed rock ‘n’ roll style vibes of Ralph Covert, leader of the children’s music project.

After topping the charts as’s top selling children’s artist and making appearances on programs like “The Today Show,” Covert is currently on tour for his fourth album, “Peggy’s Pie Parlor.”

Covert will be playing on Sunday at the Iota Club and Cafe in Arlington and at Van Dyke Park in Fairfax on Tuesday.

Families can expect hours of an interactive performance with singing, dancing, games and skits, said Covert.

“The music is fun for the whole family, both grown-ups and kids,” he said.

Covert, also a member of the rock ‘n’ roll group called The Bad Examples, sings, plays guitar and writes most of the Ralph’s World lyrics. Sometimes he gets a little lyrical help from his 8-year-old daughter.

“In songwriting for children’s music, the spirit of play is so important ? playing with melodies, playing with stories,” he said. “The bounds of children’s imaginations are limitless, so is the world you have to play in when songwriting.”

Between The Bad Examples and Ralph’s World, Covert laughs at the apparent reverse effects he creates with his audiences.

“I always notice that with Bad Examples we make grown-up music that kids always like, and with Ralph’s World we make kid music that grown-ups always like,” he said.

Perhaps it is this cross-over appeal that entertains the dual generations of most households.
Or perhaps it is the blend of whimsical rhymes and a rock ‘n’ roll edge that satisfies both parents and children alike.

“I’m not trying to make kids records, I’m trying to make a great rock ‘n’ roll record that connects with the things that kids are passionate about,” said Covert in a press release statement.

With songs like “Banana Seat Bike,” “Go Go Pogo” and “Tango Dancing Bear,” kids and parents are invited into Ralph’s World, which Covert sums up in three simple words.

“Ralph’s World is playful, high-energy and fun,” he said.

The Ralph’s World DVD debut, including tracks from his first three albums, will be available in September.

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