Council member seeks fifth term

QUANTICO — Serving the town that her ancestors have lived in for more than 100 years is the “right thing to do”, said Florence “FoFo” P. Butts.

“I really care what happens in the town of Quantico,” Butts said. “I inherited the political gene from my late aunt Angelena Pandazides … who was on the council for over 30 years.”

Butts, who was born and raised in Quantico, is a fourth-generation Quantico town resident. She is seeking her fifth two-year term on the Quantico Town Council.

Like many within the town, Butts said, she supports the efforts under way to improve the appearance of the towns business district along Potomac Avenue.

“A revitalization plan is great, we need it, but we also need to look at the big picture,” Butts said.

Continuing to improve the towns police department, finding more recreational opportunities for the towns children and preparing for the reopening of the Marine Corps buildings at nearby Hospital Point also need to be addressed, she said.

Traffic around the town will significantly increase with the reopening. Finding a new entrance to the town is important, Butts said.

Another concern of Butts is an attitude she said she sees among some members of the council.

“What I have seen in the past years sitting on the council is that when an issue comes up it is always aimed at someone or a certain groups of persons,” Butts said. “It gets personal. [The council] is not a private club. We are there to solve the problems of the town.”

Appreciation of the Marines from the surrounding Quantico Marine Corps base also needs to be recognized, Butts said.

“If it hasnt been said to them lately, Thank you, and Im proud to know you,” Butts said.

“Citizens of the town of Quantico, I ask for your support for re-election and say thanks to those who do and I will do my utmost to make sure your voice is heard,” Butts said.

Butts is a millwork specialist for Home Depot.

Quantico town elections will be held May 7.

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