Ceremony honors quick-dialing kids

Area children who were able to think fast and correctly call 911 in emergencies were recognized Saturday in an annual ceremony at the Lake Jackson Volunteer Fire Department.

Representatives of The Prince William Community SAFE KIDS Coalition Inc. and the Prince William County Office of Public Safety presented the children with their awards during the fire stations open house, which wrapped up National Fire Prevention Week.

Prince William County Fire and Rescue Battalion Chief Steve Strawderman said each of the nine recipients of the “Make the Right Call” award was a hero in their own right.

“They’re each being credited with saving the lives of every one of their family members,” Strawderman said.

On April 8, five-year-old Nicolas Dinucci, of 10116 Henry Court, near Sudley Road, told his father that a bush next to his home was on fire.

A discarded cigarette ignited the mulch in the flower bed, which ignited the bush. The burning bush ignited the exterior of the Dinucci home.

Nicolas’ father called 911 and fought the fire with a garden hose until help arrived.

David Lestor, 9, of 12805 Dumfries Road, and his friend Dillon were playing May 1 when Dillon fell and hit his head on a metal pipe.

David called 911 and told Dillon’s mother about the accident. Dillon’s mother took over the emergency phone call waited for the emergency medical technicians, who controlled the bleeding and took Dillon to the Prince William Hospital emergency room.

On May 24, nine-year-old Marcus Woody called 911 to get an ambulance to his grandmother’s home at 10137 Allwood Drive, Manassas.

His grandmother, Doris Byrd, had slipped into a diabetic coma and Marcus’ quick action saved her life.

Nick Lowery, 13, of 13436 Carriage Hill Drive, Dale City, cut himself with a saw on June 20 and called 911 for help.

Despite his pain and fear, Nick followed instructions, kept his cool and provided dispatchers with his uncle’s phone number and other pertinent information.

Emergency crews arrived and took Nick to Potomac Hospital.

Cara Siford was riding in the car with her mother on June 20, near the intersection of Sudley Manor Drive and Strasburg Street, when her mother experienced tingling in her arms and an overall numbness, signs of a possible stroke.

Cara, 15, used her mother’s cell phone, called 911, coached her mother to the side of the road, remained calm and gave the dispatcher her location.

Mark Bartee, 9, of 7620 Wedgewood Drive, near Sudley Road, assisted his father during a 911 call on July 3 when his mother passed out and had trouble breathing.

Mark helped with the call when his father became distraught at his mother’s condition.

Candice Delgado, 8, of 4312 Eldorado Drive, Dale City called 911 on July 9 when her house caught on fire.

Candice had learned fire drills in school and insisted that her family practice them.

Because of the drills, the Delgados discovered that Candice’s brother remained in the house when he didn’t meet up with the rest of the family at the predetermined rendezvous point.

Candice’s mother was able to return to the house, awaken Candice’s brother and lead him through the smoke-filled house to safety.

Staff writer Keith Walker can be reached at (703) 878-8063.

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