Elliott’s attorney asks to withdraw from case

The defense attorney for a 53-year-old Maryland man whose murder conviction was overturned told Prince William Circuit Court Judge William D. Hamblen on Friday that he would shortly be entering a motion to determine counsel prior to retrial.

Larry Bill Elliott of Hanover, Md., was convicted Aug. 1 of the murder of Woodbridge couple Robert Finch and Dana Thrall in their Rollingwood town house on Jan. 2, 2001.

Elliott, who was involved with Finch’s ex-girlfriend Rebecca Gragg, was arrested for the murders five months after they occurred.

His appearance Friday originally was intended for the court to schedule Elliott’s next trial.

Hamblen declined to schedule a new trial for Elliott until after he had considered defense attorney William Moffitt’s request. Elliott will appear in court again Oct. 4, when Hamblen will consider whether to appoint an attorney to him.

The original trial was declared a mistrial Tuesday after it was discovered that a juror had discussed the case publicly during the sentencing phase.