Vandals undo trash cleanup

Fourteen trash bags were strewn all over Joplin Road near Prince William Forest Park near the Quantico Marine Corps base Saturday night after they were left along the road for Virginia Department of Transportation pick-up Sunday morning as part of National Public Lands Day.

Volunteers and Marines picked up 134 bags of trash, according to park spokeswoman Kate Richardson.

“One of the projects we have been working with the Marine Corps base and VDOT on is trash clean-up along [Joplin Road].”

But Sunday morning, trash was everywhere again, spread out like before the clean-up.

“There were 27 volunteers that worked that project,” Richardson said. “They noted that most of the trash they picked up were empty beer bottles.”

Richardson said she hopes someone saw what happened Saturday evening.

“It is a shame so many folks worked so hard and some vandals put trash back in the roadside again,” she said. “A lot of people put time and effort into the project.”

Richardson said the Marines will be out today to help clean the mess.

This is the second incident of vandalism in Prince William Forest Park since late February. The park was vandalized and sustained $12,000 worth of damage to cabins.

“No one was caught,” Richardson said. “We had a few leads, but no one was ever charged with the crime.”

She doesn’t know who is responsible for the vandalism this time, but said the volunteers’ efforts will not be in vain.

“People were out thinking they would be the show-off and show their friends how important they are,” she said.

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