Police officer struck by car

A Prince William Police Department motorcycle officer was hit by a burgundy 1989 Toyota Corolla on Jefferson Davis Highway in Woodbridge on Friday, police said.

Anabel Orellana, 38, of 14313 Franklin Street in Woodbridge, was charged with failure to yield the right of way after she hit Officer Ramon Gomez, 46, as he was heading south in the left lane, Detective Dennis Mangan, Prince William police spokesman said.

Orellana was making a left turn to head north on Jefferson Davis Highway at 10:31 a.m., when she struck Gomez. He suffered injuries to his right leg, Mangan said.

He was treated and released from Potomac Hospital on Friday, said Lee Dunlap, hospital spokeswoman.

Seven police cruisers were on scene after the incident, which occurred next to a carnival at Prince William Plaza. Officers marked the location of the tires of the motorcycle and car on the road with bright orange spray paint during their investigation.

Before officers moved the two vehicles, the Corollas front-end was jutting out into the road, with the police departments Harley Davidson directly in front of it. The Harleys tires were facing the Corollas front-end, which was damaged and dented at the fender, grill and hood.

Crowds gathered to watch the police activity, which included patrol cruisers in the road and a police motorcycle precariously laying on its side in the middle of one of the busiest roads on the countys east-end.

The motorcycle unit officers ride Harley-Davidson bikes modified with lights, sirens, radar equipment and other features. They patrol on those vehicles in most types of weather, year-round.

The FLH model Harley used by the unit, which is under the Special Operations umbrella, weighs 800 pounds. Saddle bags on each side carry the officers equipment, including ticket book and rain gear among other things, said Sgt. Bryan Simms, motor supervisor for the unit.

With the exception of frigidly cold weather or snow and ice conditions, unit members are expected to be out patrolling everyday.

The squad has 14 members and two supervisors. They primarily handle traffic related issues including traffic direction at accident scenes, escorts for funerals and heavy equipment transports. They also work at parade functions and respond to speeding complaints.

Gomez has been with the Prince William Police Department for 15 years. He has been a member of the motorcycle unit for three years. He was on routine patrol at the time of the accident.

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