Police: Arrest ‘pretty certain’ in infant’s death

Manassas City police spokesman Sgt. Marc J. Woolverton said Friday that the department is “pretty certain” that there will be an arrest made in the death of 19-month-old Frances Kelly, who died Wednesday after being left in her family van for more than seven hours.

While Woolverton did not say who specifically would be charged, he said that after grand jury meets and indictments are unsealed Tuesday, arrests will likely be made.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Paul B. Ebert could not be reached for comment Friday. On Thursday, he cited felony murder the inadvertent death of someone during the commission of another felony reckless endangerment and manslaughter as possible charges.

“At this point in time, [Mr.] Ebert is looking at several people in [Kelly’s] family,” said Woolverton, who added that arrest could be made now, but since the grand jury meets in the near future, police will likely wait. “We have no risk of flight whatsoever.”

A neighbor discovered Frances Kelly, daughter of Kevin and Mary Kelly, dead at about 7:40 p.m. Wednesday in front of the home at 9727 Zimbro Ave.

Kevin Kelly parked the car in front of the family’s home with Frances strapped into a car seat directly behind him sometime after noon, according to past police statements.

The girl was left apparently accidentally, Ebert said Thursday in the car for the entire afternoon. Temperatures outside reached the 80s, making the inside of the car feel like 140 degrees.

Mary Kelly was in Ireland at the time of the death with one of the couple’s 13 children, police said.

Manassas police searched the 1992 Dodge Ram van where Frances died, as well as the family’s home for evidence related to felony murder, according to court documents.

Investigators searched for photographs, medical appointments, medications, calendars and other items that could indicate a neglectful environment or lack of supervision, according to the warrant.

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