Police arrest, connect woman to shooting spree suspects

Police arrested a woman they think helped the men who shot a Stafford store clerk, another man in the Rippon Middle School parking lot and two men in an apartment near Dumfries, said Detective Dennis Mangan, Prince William Police spokesman.

Police arrested Lavada Madeshia Tucker, 26, of 7969 Janna Lee Ave., Apt. 102, around 5:20 p.m. Friday and charged her with three counts of accessory to armed robbery and two counts of felony homicide, Mangan said.

Police believe Tucker called three men at the Allerton Court apartment to make sure they were there when Joshua W. Andrews, 19, and Jamel S. Crawford, 22, went to shoot them, Mangan said.

Tucker was being held without bond and police said she will probably be arraigned Monday.

Clayton K. Breeding, was killed on Dec. 12 in the parking lot of Rippon Middle School, Romanno A. Head and Robert I. Morrison, died in their Allerton Court home on Jan. 2, all involved drugs, police said. A third unidentified victim survived the Allerton Court shootings.

In New York, Andrews and Crawford allegedly shot a store clerk in the face during a robbery in Jamaica (Queens) on Monday night. The clerk reportedly survived the attack and was recovering in a New York City hospital, the New York Post reported.

Those incidents, combined with the Jan. 4 shooting of a Stafford store clerk, have Andrews and Crawford facing 17 felony charges in Virginia, including capital murder and armed robbery.

The 50-year-old Stafford County store clerk who was shot in the head during a robbery will likely live, Stafford Sheriff Charles E. Jett said Friday.

The unidentified man, who was just one of seven men that Woodbridge residents Crawford and Andrews shot during a four-week killing spree, suffered a gunshot to his brain stem during the Jan. 4 holdup of his Onville Kwik Stop.

But doctors of the undisclosed hospital changed his status from critical to serious, indicating to Jett that the man will probably survive the attack.

“Hes doing better than he was,” Jett said. “The bullet was removed [from the stem of his brain] and as it stands now, hes going to live.”

Andrews, of 1605 Maryland Ave., and Crawford, of 14304 Jeffries Road Apt. 706, were arrested in New York City and have been charged in Virginia with 17 felonies for their bloody month, including capital murder, which could result in their execution.

Andrews and Crawford are also facing criminal charges in Queens for shooting two men, and will probably face trial first in New York. It was previously reported that the men would face extradition and trial in Virginia first, but a source inside the Commonwealth Attorneys office said that will not likely happen.

Also, Prince William police released the warrant that allowed them to search Andrews home. The court document stated that police believed that firearms, ammunition and trace evidence, including blood, hair and fibers, were located in the home.

Staff writer Keith Walker contributed to this story.

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