Beefeldt won’t seek school board seat

In the comfort of his home, Prince William County School Board Member Lyle G. Beefelt said he will not be running for a third term in November’s elections.

Beefelt, who has served the Brentsville District for seven years, plans to spend more time with his family once his term ends Dec. 31, he said Friday.

The financial analyst with the Prince William Service Authority spends about 20 hours with the School Board responsibilities in addition to his involvement with church activities, he said.

“I need to spend more time with my family because they need me. And though I will not let up or slow down during the time remaining to me on the School Board, I look forward to returning to the bosom of my family when my term expires in December,” Beefelt said, while his wife Lisa and four children circled the living room showing their support.

Lisa said she looks forward to her husband having more time to spend with the children’s activities, once his term ends.

“I’m hoping for just a little more support on the home front,” Lisa said.

Since Beefelt was elected to the School Board in 1995, he has seen progress in budget planning and building repair and maintenance, he said.

“The budget was an annual fiscal crisis that played into the hands of interest groups,” he said.

Now the School Board has a joint five-year fiscal plan with the Board of County Supervisors, which he helped to introduce in 1997, he said.

“His biggest strength has been his ability to bring consensus to the board,” Lucy Beauchamp, School Board chairwoman, said in an interview Friday.

The five-year plan allowed for the School Board to plan ahead with school programs with more certainty of funding.

Beefelt said he is pleased with the school division’s efforts to relieve overcrowding.

“We have continued to build new schools at a rapid pace in order to keep up with the demands of growth,” Beefelt said.

The school division plans to build 15 more schools over the decade, according to a Capital Improvement Plan, a rolling plan addressing facility needs.

The 33-year resident of Prince William County said he plans to remain active in politics and in addressing educational issues.

“I will endorse a candidate in this year’s race for the seat I now hold,” he said, but declined to comment on who the candidate will be.

School Board members are elected to serve four years. Their terms will end Dec. 31, leaving seven district seats and chairman’s seat open. Currently serving are: Stephen Wassenberg, Occoquan District; William Hundley, Coles District; Joan Ferlazzo, Dumfries District; Steven Keen, Woodbridge District; Vice Chairman Donald Richardson, Gainesville District; Julie Lucas, Neabsco District; Beefelt; and Beauchamp.

In the election forecast, Keen is running for chairman. Beauchamp also plans to vie for the same seat.

Grant Lattin will be running for Occoquan District School Board seat currently held by Wassenberg. Wassenberg will be running for Prince William Board of County Supervisors’ Occoquan District seat, currently held by Ruth T. Griggs.

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