First big snow hits area

Saturdays snow storm, which originated west of the region, dropped 2 to 4 inches of snow in Northern Virginia and 6 to 8 inches in the southwestern part of the state Saturday, said Neal DiPasquale at the National Weather Service office in Sterling.

The storm system developed in the Midwest and came through the Ohio Valley and then came to us,” DiPasquale said.

Area residents said great snow from the storm blanketed the hills early Saturday.

Steve Pyle said he had his son Max, 3 1/2, out by 10 a.m. for some winter fun on a hillside in their Bristow neighborhood.

“The snow was perfect for sledding. It was the right kind of snow. It packed down pretty good, so it was pretty fast,” Pyle said during a break from the play.

Tammy Pyle, Maxs mother, said she was surprised that her son ventured out into the cold since he has been reticent about winter precipitation in previous years.

“I tell you. I couldnt get that kid to go out in the snow for the last three years, but now I cant get him in,” she said.

Pyle said his son outlasted him on the slopes.

“He only went one way on the hill and that was down,” Pyle said.

“I had to drag him up the hill,” Pyle said, “I think he weighs about 40 pounds and he had another 10 pounds of clothes on.”

The hill in Bristow attracted several families

Bob Mosier went to the hill with his wife Cindy, their son Taylor, 6, and Lucy, the familys Jack Russell terrier.

Mosier said the 6-month-old puppy and his son ran out of steam about the same time and he was close behind them while his wife kept up with everybody.

“It was one of those kid things. Youre in. Youre out. Youre wet. Youre dry … I guess it was kind of fun in between the mom thing,” Cindy Mosier said, “Everybody had a good time.”

Mosier said he went to bed the night before hoping to see snow in the morning. He said he always feels shortchanged when weather forecasters predict snow and none comes, so he was pretty excited yesterday morning.

“There is, of course, the kid side of me that looks forward to it and Im kind of disappointed when it doesnt snow,” Mosier said.

The storms timing was perfect, but his children always hope to get a snow day from school out of the deal, Mosier said.

“It couldnt have come at a better time. You know, on the long weekend. The kids are kind of disappointed by that,” he said.

Since everyone has an extra day off, Mosier said he and his neighbors planned to extend the fun into the evening with roasted marshmallows and Smores.

“Were thinking about having a follow-up with a campfire tonight. Its kind of like being a kid again,” Mosier said.

Kay Braxton, of the Virginia Department of Transportation said there were minor delays in travel on some of the Northern Virginia routes and crews will treat the roads throughout the night until the threat to safe travel abated.

State police dispatchers said the highways were clear Saturday with a few reports of disabled vehicles.

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