Man suffers burns after fighting house fire

A 68-year-old Woodbridge man is in the Washington Hospital Center’s burn unit after suffering burns and smoke inhalation during a blaze in his mobile home shortly after noon on Wednesday.

The man’s 15-year-old granddaughter also suffered from smoke inhalation, according to Battalion Chief C. Hadden Culp, Prince William Fire and Rescue spokesman, Thursday.

The fire at 3625 Elm Farm Road began accidentally, and when the man attempted to battle the blaze he was burned, Culp said.

He and his granddaughter were both taken to Potomac Hospital. The man was later transported by helicopter to Washington, where he is in serious but guarded condition.

“Quite often people underestimate the speed at which a fire can multiply in any dwelling,” Culp said. “We advocate having smoke detectors, an exit plan for your house and practicing it. If there is an alarm, get out and stay out.”

People don’t often understand some of the hidden dangers associated with fires, Culp said.

“The toxic effects of the things that get burned in a fire can so quickly cause you to be overcome,” he said. “The fire progresses exponentially. That can very quickly exceed to a point way beyond what you’re experiencing.”

The trailer sustained $20,000 worth of damage.

Dale City and Lake Ridge fire units responded to the blaze within three minutes of being dispatched, fire officials said.

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