Gillum’s field of dreams

MANASSAS — City and school officials may have shivered in their dress shirts and ties Wednesday afternoon, but the frigid air wasn’t enough to chill the spirits of Mayor Marvin L. Gillum as he threw out the first ball at Osbourn High School’s new Marvin Gillum Stadium Complex.

“He’s really excited. You know how much this means to him,” said Gillum’s wife, Martha.

Wearing an honorary jersey with a No. 1, Gillum was all smiles as he walked out onto the field. After he threw the ball, the crowd of about 60 people cheered.

As a member of the Manassas School Board, Gillum pushed hard to get the high school’s baseball and softball program a field of its own. The stadium was constructed as part of the high school’s $24 million renovation program.

“It’s the culmination of a dream for me and the school system,” he said.

Gillum himself was a first baseman for the Osbourn Eagles. Manassas Delegate Harry J. Parrish, R-50th District, played third base on the same team.

“I grew up on baseball. My father was a semi-pro player. It’s my No. 1 love,” Gillum said.

Schools Superintendent Chip Zullinger said the new stadium would have been impossible without the efforts of Gillum and the City Council.

“We’ve got the best baseball complex in Prince William County. And we’re proud of it,” Zullinger said.

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