Narcotics police raid Woodbridge home

Prince William County and Manassas City narcotic task forces, with help from the SWAT team, stormed a Woodbridge home Tuesday night and arrested four men and two women they believe ran a drive-through drug-dealing racket out of the house, police said Wednesday.

Sometime after 9 p.m. Tuesday, police executed a search warrant of the home of Jose Luis Claros Jr., 23, at 1702 Devil Lane, and seized drugs, guns and money.

Upon entry, police arrested Claros, as well as Keelee Nicole Sullivan, 18, of Skipper Circle; Jorge Alberto Diaz, 18, of 14325 Randall Drive; Kelly Nicole Harrison, 19, of 1256 Everett Ave.; and Lolo Dillagomez Jr., 21, and Wilfredo Alexis Guevara, 26, neither of whom had a fixed address, police said.

The six Woodbridge suspects were found with 0.75 ounce of cocaine, three rocks of crack cocaine, approximately 75 tablets of Ecstasy, marijuana, a pump shotgun with a pistol grip, a .22-caliber rifle, plastic bags, scales and more than $2,200 in cash.

All were charged with possession with the intent to distribute Ecstasy, cocaine and marijuana, as well as possession of a firearm with a Schedule I substance, police said.

“It was a good time,” said case agent Detective Quenton Sallows. “There were no shots fired; they didn’t have much time to react. The SWAT team was called in because of the threat of weapons and they did an excellent job.”

But most interesting to Sallows, who has been a detective for eight months, was not what was in the home, but how the drugs left the home.

“They were doing a drive-up window,” Sallows said at the Gar-Field substation Wednesday. “People would pull up, stay no more than 30 seconds and then leave. I’ve never seen anything as bold as this.”

The narcotics unit, which received several complaints from concerned neighbors about activity at that address and has been wading through this case since September, believe that Claros and Diaz were the brains behind the organization, Sallows said.

“This was a lot of money and a lot of drugs,” said Major Ron Sullins, the assistant chief of the criminal investigation division. “We suspect that this is a day’s supply.”

Sullins expressed specific concern about the type of firepower that the six suspects possessed. The weapons, including a shotgun loaded with slugs, were the most dangerous threat that Sullins has come across, he said.

“These were unsavory people endangering a safe neighborhood,” Sullins said. “It’s always good to be able to take someone like this off the streets.”

Although police would not comment much on the specifics of a still ongoing investigation, Sullins said they are still “people farther up the chain that we are looking for,” indicating the possibility of additional arrests.

“We don’t realistically think that someone isn’t going to fill the void left by these people,” Sullins said. “But it was a good arrest. This sort of crime brings violence into the area.”

The six suspects, none of whom have a prior criminal record in Prince William County, have all been held without bond, pending a hearing on April 5 at 11 a.m. in General District Court.

Staff writer Adam H. Beasley can be reached at (703) 878-8065.

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