Manassas Journal Messenger | County resident in favor of Manes Pierre

Serving on the Board of the Florida Sunshine State TESOL In 1999, Manes colleagues, former professors and students voted him to serve on the Florida Sunshine State TESOL board for three years.

During his term of service, Manes served on the advocacy, membership and finance committees.

The organization experienced substantial growth and recognition throughout the state of Florida due to his no nonsense approach to executing the board’s goals.

Manes single-handedly pushed for the implementation of the 1990 Florida Consent Decree, which requires schools in all 67 Florida counties to follow compliance of title 1 funds.

A group of parents and community leaders joined Manes in 1990 and won a lawsuit against the state for not compelling school districts to obey the law of the land.

Manes will ensure that the public is fully aware and participates in the decision making process that affects the education of all of our children.

Manes believes that it costs more to the community when politicians put their pet projects above the needs of children.

Put children first on Nov. 6 by electing Manes Pierre to represent the Neabsco District.



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