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Residents depend on a combination of career and volunteer emergency workers to fight fires and respond to medical emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The first paid county employee was hired in 1966, and more were added over the years as the need increased. By the late 1970s, the county established minimum staffing needs to insure safety, and the current system evolved.

Paid employees respond to calls from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, while volunteers staff fire and rescue stations overnight, on weekends and holidays. The county also staffs four medic units 24 hours a day out of stations in Gainesville, Stonewall Jackson, Dale City and Dumfries-Triangle. The Department of Fire and Rescue has been headed by Chief Mary Beth Michos since 1995. She was the first female chief in the Washington, D.C., area.

Michos works at the McCoart Administration Center on the Prince William Parkway. She can be reached at (703) 792-6800.

Division Chief Tom Hajduk oversees the Fire Marshal’s Office at 9250 Lee Ave., Manassas.

The fire and rescue departments are funded through a fire levy of 7.28 cents per $100 of assessed real estate property value, donations and fund-raisers.

County general funds in the budget also purchases some equipment and pays the salaries of career fire and rescue employees.

Most stations provide both fire and rescue services. Only in Dumfries and Manassas are the units broken into separate fire departments and rescue squads.

Below is a list of Prince William, Manassas and Manassas Park fire and rescue companies, their chiefs and phone numbers. Call 911, not the individual fire department, if you have an emergency.

? Buckhall Volunteer Fire Department Co. 16, Chief Tom Pitkin, 7190 Yates Ford Road, Manassas. Call (703) 368-0859.

? Coles District Volunteer Fire Department, Co. 6, Chief Kevin Dicky, 13712 Dumfries Road, Independent Hill. Call (703) 791-5400.

? Dale City Volunteer Fire Department, Co. 10, Chief Ken Glufling, 14998 Birchdale Ave., Dale City. Call (703) 670-2424.

? Dale City Volunteer Fire Department, Co. 13, Chief Ken Glufling, 13511 Hillendale Ave., Dale City. Call (703) 590-2402.

? Dale City Volunteer Fire Department, Co. 18, Chief Ken Glufling, 5849 Dale Blvd., Dale City, near the Princedale section. Call (703) 680-3533.

? Dale City Volunteer Fire Department, Co. 20, Chief Ken Glufling, 3171 Prince William Parkway, Woodbridge. Call (703) 590-3198

? Dumfries-Triangle Volunteer Fire Department, Co. 3-Fire, Chief Miland Young, 18321 Jefferson Davis Highway, Triangle. Call (703) 221-4242.

? Dumfries-Triangle Volunteer Rescue Squad, Co. 3-Rescue, Chief Randy Baum, 3800 Graham Park Road, Dumfries. Call (703) 221-3838.

? Dumfries-Triangle Volunteer Fire Department, Co. 17 in Montclair. Chiefs Miland Young (fire department) and Randy Baum (rescue squad), 15219 Hollyside Drive, Montclair. Call (703) 680-3517.

? Evergreen Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department, Co. 15, Chief Scott Bellefeuille, 3510 James Madison Highway, Haymarket. Call (703) 754-9097.

? Gainesville District Volunteer Fire Department, Co. 4, Chief Richard Bird, 14450 John Marshall Highway, Gainesville. Call (703) 754-1112.

? Lake Jackson Volunteer Fire Department, Co. 7, Chief Jeff Harding, 11310 Coles Drive, Manassas. Call (703) 368-3233.

? Manassas Volunteer Fire Co., Co. 1-Fire, Chief Jim Lesnick, 9322 Centreville Road, Manassas. Call (703) 368-6211.

? Manassas Volunteer Rescue Squad, Co. 1-Rescue, Chief Jake Kezele, 9322 Center St., Manassas. Call (703) 361-2030.

? Manassas Park Fire Department and Volunteer Co., Co.9, Chief Rick Grove, 329 Manassas Drive, Manassas Park. Call (703) 335-8845.

? Nokesville Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department, Co. 5, Chief Brian Hickerson, 12826 Marsteller Drive, Nokesville. Call (703) 594-2220.

? Occoquan-Woodbridge-Lorton Volunteer Fire Department, Co. 2, Chief Richard Arrington, Botts Fire Hall, 1306 F St., Woodbridge. Call (703) 491-5173.

? Occoquan-Woodbridge-Lorton Volunteer Fire Department, Co. 14, Chief Richard Arrington, 12400 Hedges Run Road, Lake Ridge. Call (703) 494-7119.

? Occoquan-Woodbridge-Lorton Volunteer Fire Department, Co. 12, Chief Richard Arrington, Friends Fire Hall, 2170 Montgomery Ave., Woodbridge. Call (703) 494-4171.

? Stonewall Jackson Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad, Co. 11, Chief Joe Peters, 7814 Garner Drive, Manassas. Call (703) 369-5396.

? Yorkshire Volunteer Fire Department, Co. 8, Chief Craig Griffith, 7602 Centreville Road. Call (703) 368-4433.


? Fire and Rescue: 911 (Residents can call 911 for any emergency in any jurisdiction.)

? Police: 911

? Quantico Marine Corps Base: (703) 784-2251

? Virginia State Police: (800) 572-4510


? Emergency room: (703) 670-1363

? Switchboard: (703) 670-1313

? Community relations: (703) 670-1236

? Community education: (703) 670-1328


? Emergency room: (703) 369-8333

? Switchboard: (703) 369-8000

? Community relations: (703) 369-8322

? Wellness program: (703) 369-8405

? Physician referral: (703) 369-8198

? Poison Control Center Call (202) 625-3333

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