Manassas Journal Messenger | Police briefs for Thursday, July 31

Woman wakes to intruder

A woman who lives in the 12300 block of Penzance Lane awoke to the sound of her bedroom door opening and looked up to see a man standing in her doorway Saturday at about 2:48 a.m., said 1st Sgt. Kim Chinn, Prince William police.

When the Bristow woman asked the man what he was doing there, he turned and ran, Chinn said.

The victim told police she found a radio from her bedroom near her basement steps and her computer had been moved. Nothing else was taken or disturbed, Chinn said.

The man entered the house through an unlocked rear sliding glass door, Chinn said.

Neighbors watch men smash door

Neighbors watched two men smash the sliding glass door of a home in the 12000 block of Pebble Brooke Court in Lake Ridge at 9 a.m. Saturday and called police, said 1st Sgt. Kim Chinn., Prince William police.

The witnesses description of the car, complete with a license tag number, enabled police to catch Gary Laquan Lawthorn, 19, of 12219 Allspice Court, in Lake Ridge and Noel Harold Williams, 21, of 43 Woods Edge Ct. in Stafford, Chinn said.

Williams and Lawthorn were charged with burglary and grand larceny, Chinn said.

Police believe Lawthorn was connected to two burglaries, one earlier in July and one in May, on Madeira Ct., in Lake Ridge, Chinn said.

Pedestrian shot with BB gun

A pedestrian was shot in the upper arm with a BB gun as he walked near Somersworth Drive and Thurston Lane Sunday at 11:38 p.m., said 1st Sgt. Kim Chinn, Prince William police

The 22-year-old man told police he felt something strike his arm and heard a BB gun firing. The BB put a gash in the man’s arm, but he refused treatment, Chinn said.

Boy spotted entering home

An 11-year-old Woodbridge boy was released to his parents pending a petition after he entered a house through a broken window, said 1st Sgt. Kim Chinn, Prince William police.

The owner of the house in the 14600 block of Lamar St. in Woodbridge watched the boy go into his home and come out again, Chinn said.

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